Travel Forms

Travel Authorization Form

A College of Pharmacy Travel Authorization (TA) must be completed and approved a minimum of two weeks in advance of the trip and is required for all domestic and international work-related travel, including day trips with registrations / conferences in your home city or research collaborations. Day visits between the college’s distant campuses or sites are excluded from this requirement, unless attending a conference. UF employees are liable for any non-refundable costs incurred before obtaining an approved TA. Likewise, departments are responsible for non-refundable costs incurred for guests without an approved TA.

Expense Report Form

An expense report is done after the travel has taken place. This report will close out the travel and provide any reimbursements that is owed to the traveler. If the traveler did not complete a TA (Travel Authorization) request with the SSC, the traveler will need to include funding approval from the fund administrator (if they aren’t the fund administrator) and staff will need provide travel approval from their supervisor.

Reimbursement Form

The reimbursement form should be completed for general reimbursement expenses.