PCard – FAQs:

How Do I get a pcard?

If you are applying for a PCard for Commodities, you must complete the following training courses (

  • PST975 What Every PCard Holder Needs to Know
  • PST077 PCard for Commodities

If you are applying for a PCard for Travel and Commodities, you must complete the following training courses ( :

  • PST975 What Every PCard Holder Needs to Know
  • PST076 PCard for Travel
  • PST077 PCard for Commodities

Complete the Cardholder Agreement

Complete a PCard Application

Send the signed PCard Application and Cardholder Agreement to the Fiscal unit at

How do I use my pcard in myUF Market?

Please contact the fiscal office at or call 352-273-6264.

What do I do if I’m charged sales tax?

As an entity of the State of Florida, UF is exempt from paying Florida sales tax. If you are charged sales tax contact the vendor and ask if they will honor our Tax Exempt status and issue a credit to your PCard. Vendors are not required to honor our tax exempt status but you should always ask. You may need to provide the vendor with a copy of our Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption.

What do I do with my receipts?

Receipts and other documentation are to be sent to the fiscal office at within three days of making a charge. The fiscal office will electronically attach documentation to transactions at the time charges are approved in myUFL. If the fiscal office does not have the documentation they may not be able to approve your charges in time, which could result in the suspension of your PCard.

What if I receive a rebate or refund on my pcard?

When you receive a rebate or refund for a pcard purchase, please contact the fiscal office at or 352-273-6264.

What is my pcard’s “bill to” address?

Your “bill to” address is the address you listed on your pcard application. If you are unsure what address to use check with your department’s fiscal staff at or 352-273-6264.

How do I dispute a pcard charge?

Please contact the Fiscal unit at or 352-273-6264

Travel – FAQ’s:

What do I need to do before a travel?

  • Complete the Travel Authorization (TA) form on the Fiscal unit’s website within at least two weeks before traveling.
  • International travel will requires registration with the UF International Center.
  • International travel registration will need to happen before you can complete the college’s TA form because you will need to include a copy of your Emergency Insurance card.
  • Flights longer than 9 hours with an upgrade will require a pre-approval from UF before the airfare can be purchased. The traveler will need to fill out the form and submit it to UF for approval (email address is on the form). Please send UF’s approval with your TA request to the fiscal unit and they will process the TA.
  • UF’s travel guide is a good resource concerning requirements
  • Cost Comparison: Any travel that has personal time included in the trip and requires more time/days away than the normal work portion of the trip, will require a cost comparison. This will ensure that the university is not paying more than what the business portion of the trip would have cost.
  • Example: We will need a cost comparison to see if it was cheaper to fly home after the conclusion of the business portion of the trip if you decided to stay longer on personal time (you would have to pay the cost difference if it’s more expensive).
  • Lodging: Receipts submitted must be itemized. If you are sharing a room with another UF traveler, we will need a written statement from both travelers verifying this information.
  • Car Rental: Travelers whose transportation is provided by rental vehicles shall make use of any state contract for rental vehicles which may be in effect at the time of the travel. The current State of Florida contract is with Enterprise. The state contract requires the rental of a compact or a justification, signed by the traveler, of the necessity for a larger vehicle. The state contract with Enterprise includes the rental class of hybrid vehicles. The rental of a hybrid vehicle will be allowed without a justification. Enterprise UF contract number: 43A3255
  • Keep itemized receipts.

What do I need to do after a travel?

  • Complete the Expense Report (ER) form located on the Fiscal unit’s website within 10 days of returning from the travel.
  • Include all of your itemized receipts and documents.

Vendors – FAQ’s:

How do I know if the company I want to do business with if a UF vendor?

Contact the Fiscal unit ( or 352-273-6264)

Can I deal with a foreign company?

Yes. They will need to be a UF vendor and the Fiscal unit can assist with this transactions.

Can UF send a domestic or foreign wire?

Yes. The Fiscal unit can assist with this transaction.

Does a company have to be a UF vendor for me to do business with them?

Yes unless it’s a transaction that can be placed on a pcard and the company accepts credit cards.

Can I order from Amazon?

  • Yes, but a business account will need to be established by following UF guidelines.
  • Please note that personal credit cards and personal accounts shouldn’t be used.

Business meal, entertainment and reimbursement:

  1. Business meals are limited to: $25 for breakfast, $40 for lunch and $75 for dinner (before tax and gratuity).
  2. Gratuity cannot be more than 20% unless it’s automatically charged by the venue.
  3. Alcohol cannot be more than 30% of the expenditure (before tax and gratuity) or if it’s a “drink only” meeting the limit is $75 per person.
    (Reminder- the dinner limit is $75 and if you use 30% towards alcohol, that leaves $52.50 towards the food expenditure of dinner.)
  4. Functions held at a private residence where alcohol is being served, only beer and wine can be served. All pertinent laws, rules and UF policies regarding alcoholic beverages must be observed and the college recommends using an approved catering company to oversee these responsibilities.
  5. Exceptions to the policy limits or other requirements require documented justification of the exception and written approval by Dean Swaan. (Note: Historically other administrators and management were able to approve exceptions because it was a college policy as long as the expense was in compliance but this policy delegates that authority to the college deans and vice presidents.)


How can I get reimbursed for personally paid expenses (not associated with an approved travel)?

  • Please refer to the UF Reimbursement Policy. This is a detailed list of what should and should not be purchased. Please note that except for the exceptions listed below allowable purchases should total less than $50.00.
  • Update – Food expenses for work meetings/events, professional licenses, training expenses, recruitment expenses doesn’t apply to the $50 reimbursable limit.
  • Fill out the reimbursement form located on the Fiscal unit’s website.